Get to know ajdg photography

My name is AJ Gardner, and I am a photographer from the Chicago area. I've been taking photos professionally since 2016 and typically, I work with local bands. However, I also have experience in portrait, event, and artistic photography. I am a performer myself, so I understand the magical feeling of being onstage. I want to be able to capture those wonderful moments for others. A photograph is meant to make a moment last forever, and that is exactly what I strive for with my work.

AJ sitting on a stone ledge and smiling

Fun Fact

I am studying to be a teacher for the blind and visually impaired

AJ wearing an event badge and holding their camera

Fun Fact

I have dyed my hair every color of the rainbow

AJ smiling and laying next to their cat, Scarlet

Fun Fact

All photos are edited with the help of my trusty assistant, Scarlet