Lindsay playing bass and singing into the microphone
Duo trapeze artists in the air
Eva of eva under fire holding the mic stand and whipping her hair around
Ariel kneeling and singing to the audience
Hayley of Pop Evil reaching through her drum kit to gesture at the crowd
Ashnikko with both legs bent, arms above their head, and tongue out
Low angle of Lena of Infected Rain with her foot up on a speaker singing into the microphone held with both hands
Beau from bless the fall leaning backwards and spitting water into the audience
September mourning making a heart with her hands
Andy of we came as romans laying on his back kicking his feet in the air
Singer of beasto blanco leaning forward and singing into the mic
Upsahl and her guitarist kneeling and leaning into each other face to face
Full stage shot of Dorothy and her band
Eric of the publik standing on his drum stool holding arms out
Skye Sweetnam of sumo cyco surrounded by the audience